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Sales Force CRM

Sales Force CRM

Cloudious and its affiliates are a Managed Partner of Salesforce and has extensive expertise in various products and solutions of Salesforce. Cloudious provides you a very clear understanding of your business software systems. This has enabled our team to execute numerous Sales force projects for our customers across various geos.

Business intelligence at ease

One single platform with business intelligence at ease.


Sales force implementation will enhance your organization to integrate all your business related aspects in one single platform with business intelligence at ease.This in turn ensures that the sales team is working in an Omni-channel mode. The entire process is governed by our subject matter experts who work with the customer on a daily basis to ensure seamless implementation of Salesforce solutions.

Some of the key projects executed involve:

  • Kaizen sessions with the customer
  • Analyzing and chartering an approach and methodology for synchronizing the systems
  • Implementation of the solutions
  • Monitoring the implementation and equipping the customers with the right tools through the transition phase.

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